A Return to the Land

Many words describe that moment at which an unspoken dream intersects with undeniable opportunity.  "Awesome!"  "Amazing" . . . and, we think, entirely appropriate.

Matt Shiffrar's story happened a lot like that.  It all started in Santa Maria, California, when, at his uncle's side, Matt learned the techniques of dry-farming beans.  Although he eventually left the family farm for the city life, visions of his own field, covered with lush green growth, stayed with him.

After moving to Napa, he began to search California FarmLink for a patch of land to farm.  

It was high noon on a hot July day when he stepped out of his truck and introduced himself to Sherri -- and it was then that he knew Patchwork Farm was where he wanted to be.

We are very pleased to have Matt (and his dog Sonia) on the Farm and we look forward to the day when Matt's vision of bringing nutritious organic garbanzo beans (and others) to market becomes a reality.