Living A Dream

I planted my first lavender field at age 64. At a time when many look forward to retirement, I took steps to follow my life-long dream of being a farmer

Was I afraid? Yes! I had no farming experience. Did my friends suspect it was a mid-life crisis? Oh, yes. Was stepping onto a completely new path exhilarating? Yes - and it has been even more fulfilling than I had hoped!

What was the catalyst? Like many mature women, I had joined my husband on the path he had laid out. When he passed away, I realized that, while I had truly enjoyed our life together, I had also let my dream lie fallow.

Today, Capay Valley Lavender, the farm I had envisioned, is thriving.

Would you like a place to relax and refresh? Would you like to learn more about lavender for home and health?  Then, follow the path to Capay Valley Lavender. We offer tours, pleasant picnic spots,  hands-on workshops and 5 acres of fragrant lavender. Join us, roam, and perhaps dream a little dream of your own.