Building A Dream

From the moment I stepped onto the land that had a "For Sale" sign and cast my gaze toward the horizon, I began to dream of Patchwork Farm.  To say that the property was "scrubby" would be an understatement.  Six hundred dead almond trees and tall weeds covered the landscape near and far.  Even in its original state I saw the potential for restoring the land, creating a new home, and fostering community with neighbors.

I envisioned a "patchwork" of crops grown in collaboration with other farmers.  We now have patches of lavender black eyed peas, figs and pomegranates, and have welcomed hundreds of visitors and friends.


Part of the growing community of women in agriculture who proudly call themselves "FarmHers" and who champion opportunities for other women to grow with them, I strive to hire women as often as possible.

My siblings and I were fortunate to grow up with parents for whom hospitality was second nature.  I will always remember my mother as a gracious hostess and a marvelous cook.  As you explore our site -- and someday our grounds -- you will discover high quality lavender products and, I hope, a place where you and your family and friends can relax and enjoy the beauty of the land and this spectacular valley.