An Unexpected Pleasure and a New Friend

An Unexpected Pleasure and a New Friend

We were both surprised and honored this week when California Congressman Mike Thompson visited the Farm!


We had more than one “small world” moment - he, too, is a lavender farmer with five hundred plants of his own, and he has olive trees. As we walked the fields, he was curious as to how this “beginning farmer” (official USDA term for the first ten years) is doing. 


Now that harvest is over, I was able to spend time explaining how our equipment and efficient processes help us plant, nurture, and harvest 10,000 plants. I was especially proud to share how our team of teens was able to complete the harvest in about six weeks’ time. 


I enjoyed meeting Congressman Thompson and shining the spotlight on Capay Valley Lavender for a few moments. After five years, we have quite a lot to share! 


And now we look ahead to the Fall and fresh plantings. I’ve become a fan of Riverina Thomas, with its smooth, soft oil. We’ll plant it along with Gros Bleu and Phenomenal in the field we reserve for French (intermedia) lavender. And won’t it be amazing next summer, with its vibrant blue hues, long stems, and intense fragrance! 


Remediation of Field 3 continues. We prep irrigation tomorrow, then cover with clear film and use solar energy to kill any remaining fungus. Over the past eighteen months, I have been surprised at how much is involved in bringing this soil back to health and life. It’s a wonderful feeling!

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