About Us

Capay Valley Lavender is the premier destination for organic lavender in Yolo County. Our multiple cultivars paint the landscape with beautifully diverse purple hues and enable us to create luscious aromatic and culinary lavender products to delight the senses, support health, and freshen the home. A short distance from Sacramento or San Francisco, visitors tell us we are a favorite spot for farm tours, workshops, and day trips with friends.

FarmHer Sherri founded Capay Valley Lavender in 2017 with the vision of a small farm and the purchase of just 28 acres of dormant farm land. After a study of the Valley’s microclimate, she chose lavender as her primary crop. She also committed to developing and maintaining organic farming practices and to inviting neighbors to work with her in her endeavor.

Each year, Sherri hires a “Team of Teens”, providing after-school employment and valuable learning for students from the surrounding communities.

Sherri and her husband, Engineer Richard, personally greet all visitors and take extra care to make Capay Valley Lavender a place where families and friends can gather to learn about lavender and small farming or simply enjoy picnicking and lawn games in the fresh country air. 

We are open to the public seasonally; we offer scheduled tours by appointment. We invite you to contact us to arrange a tour or register for a workshop at your convenience. Online Farm Store available 24/7.

Hope to see you at the Farm soon!