Awaiting the Bloom

Awaiting the Bloom

Our blooming lavender makes quite an impression, if we do say so ourselves. This year, we’re especially excited to introduce our new Riverina Thomas French lavender, growing since April 2022 and just about ready to burst into full bloom!

If you are already a friend of the Farm, you know that, over the past few years, we’ve gained valuable experience, created a wonderful collection of lavender varieties, and built an outstanding Farm crew team. All those things worked together to create our breath-taking new Riverina Thomas field.

For daily bloomin’ updates, check out our “Purple Watch” pics on social media. We guarantee they will make a lasting impression on you!

And speaking of impressions, did you know that “plein air” painting (painting outside) has been a favorite of Impressionist artists since the 1800s? The technique’s originator took his students out to the local fields so they could better capture the changing details of weather and light. (What a great idea!)

We’re delighted to announce our fourth “Paint in the Fields” event, led by artist Debbie Wardrope. On Sunday, June 4th, join Debbie to create a beautiful memory of your visit to enjoy in your home all year long.

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