Care Kits were a big hit!

Care Kits were a big hit!

What a time we had during the Fall Lavender Care Kit workshops! Mixing up the Body Soak and Sugar Scrub was quick and easy. Mixing and mashing the Body Butter was, well, clear proof of the benefits of wearing a good apron! We had so much fun! And, if I do say so myself, the Bath Bombs were “the bomb”. We made new friends and shared techniques for creating products to heal and nourish the body. I can hardly wait for the Spring sessions!
Speaking of products that heal and nourish, I am happy to share this sweet note from one workshop participant who ordered more Lavender Body Butter not long after she returned home.

Dry feet and toes are part of the diabetic experience. Using the Lavender Body Butter daily worked well to alleviate the pain in my toes and…soften…the hard skin on my heels. Anyone that has this condition can use the Body Butter like a healing balm. The fact that the lavender smells good for a long time is a bonus. - Katye

As you may know, some commercial foot balms may include paraffin, alcohol, or even petroleum products. We are very proud of our Body Butter, handmade with care and certified organic ingredients. It’s perfect for anyone’s practice of self-care, and we thank Katye for taking the time to share the way she uses it each day.

Lavender, laughter, and you -- all things we look forward to enjoying in '22!
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