Celebrating the Women Who Inspire Us

Celebrating the Women Who Inspire Us

During this Women’s History Month, we have learned about numerous important discoveries, safety tools, and clever inventions made or developed by women. GPS, computer programming, circular saws, treatments for malaria, and one of our favorites: retractable dog leashes! But, hold that thought a moment. 

 Our fourth copper still arrived this week and is awaiting a name (a fun tradition for both moonshiners and essential oil distillers alike). We still have Ginger, our original, but we’ve said goodbye to Fred, her “Dance of Distillation” partner, a while ago. And we have two others. But, what to name this new beauty…?

 While thinking of names, I began reflecting on how thankful I am for the model of women before me who followed their own dreams and worked to make the world a better place. Each brought to life something truly unique and lasting. 

 So, today I proudly announce the names of our now-complete Distilling Dance Corps:

 Amelia (formerly Ginger) – named for the aviation pioneer whose attempt to become the first female pilot to fly around the globe captivated me as a girl

 Billie Jean – named for Billie Jean King, who rose to the top of the women’s tennis world and uses her celebrity to advocate for gender equality and social justice in tennis and beyond

 Clara – as in Clara Barton, whose Civil War battlefield training as a nurse led her to found the American Red Cross. Her efforts resonated deeply with this Air Force “brat”. 

 Dolly – for Dolly Parton, of course! A big voice, an even bigger heart, she has donated millions of dollars to educational and health services for the underserved across the country. 

 Shall we dance? Join us any Saturday in June to learn about these copper beauties and how our fresh lavender goes from blossoms to bottles. 

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