Communities Adds So Much to Life

Communities Adds So Much to Life

If you had to list the things that “made” you who you are today, what would they be? A dream that never faded? Family support? Opportunity? Life challenges, maybe? For me, the ability to find or build community is very high on the list. 

As you may know, my childhood in a US Air Force family offered a perfect “training ground” for friend-finding and community-building. (We moved a lot!) Later, as a young woman, I again found myself relocating fairly often. In fact, by the time I married and moved to San Francisco, I had lived in twenty different cities. 

So, for me, a community is a group of people who welcome others and share common interests more than it is an actual place where people live. In San Francisco, I found community among members of non-profit organizations. I treasure my time with the Girl Scouts and the St. Anthony Foundation. 

Since following my dream to Capay Valley Lavender and Patchwork Farm, I have enjoyed community through the US Lavender Growers Association. In fact last night I was just elected to my second term on the Board with this 700-member organization.

Finally, in the valley of Capay itself, I have found another kind of community, a place where rural neighbors know one another and offer support. Last year, I gifted a neighbor with a 1939 cedar hope chest for her granddaughter, and, just this week, she gave me an antique Hoosier cabinet for our new Farm Store. 

I’m happy to share my love of lavender, of farming, and of care for the earth with you, too – my dear community of lavender lovers. It gives me a warm feeling in my heart.
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