Finally -- some time to work on the hedgerow!

So many lists, so little time (or so it seems). That legendary Naughty and Nice list, the holiday gift shopping list, the extra-long grocery list to help us prepare our feasts. And, for me, that “When I Have Time” list. Harvest behind us, soil amendments done, and fall plantings in the ground, I finally have time for that one. 

 On the top of that list? Our Hedgerow! What’s a hedgerow? In ancient times, when farmers cleared land for their crops, they left “hedges”, or strips of thorny bushes and trees, to keep animals from entering the fields. Today, hedgerows are used to increase biodiversity and promote pollination. 

I’m very proud to tell the story of Capay Valley Lavender’s Hedgerow! It was planted two years ago with funding from the USDA's Environmental Quality Incentive Plan (EQIP) and assistance from the SLEWS program of the Center for Land Based Learning and the Putah Creek Council. These organizations provided both human power and over 250 plants native to California. Their only requirement: my commitment to three years of irrigation and weed control. (So much weed control…) 

Oh, my friends, the birds, bees, and – our favorites – the Monarch butterflies – love it! We think you will, too. Two years into the project, we are now creating decorative wood stakes and placing them throughout the plantings. We’re working to create a fun scavenger hunt activity for guests of all ages, to share this amazing area with the public. Next time you visit the Farm, bring your walking shoes and see what you can “spy with your little eye” while you learn about ways to promote biodiversity in your community.

As you make your lists for 2023, we hope you’ll think of adding “visit Capay Valley Lavender” to them. We’d love to say hello and share the beauty of the Farm with you. 

We are full of holiday gratitude -- stay warm and dry!

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