From Imaging to Imagining

From Imaging to Imagining

During her maternity leave from a hospital Imaging Department last year, Heather Gwerder began to imagine… imagine what life would be like if she followed her passion for food and lifestyle photography rather than medical imaging. Because she and her husband – and now brand new baby son – had just moved to Capay, and because she was on leave, she dreamed of a whole new world opening up for her. And it did!

Heather is now a full-time photographer who specializes in creating mouth-watering images of food dishes that tantalize and make us want more.  Her mission is to capture and tell the story behind the food.

One day, Husband Matt, who had done some building projects at Patchwork Farm, shared Heather’s hopes with FarmHer Sherri. Always one to champion someone’s dream-come-true, Sherri immediately reviewed Heather’s portfolio, with its images of delicious bakery items (her specialty).   And the rest, as they say, is history – or her-story, as it happens.

The two women appreciate the level of skill and passion each brings to their work and their desire to support local small businesses. Plus, they just really like each other. For her first project, Heather has added flair to Capay Valley Lavender’s website images for the Bath and Beauty and the Fragrance Collections.

We are delighted to have Heather and her husband as Capay neighbors, and we look forward to seeing what’s ahead as she makes her photography dream a reality. Her next collaboration with Sherri? Photographing yummy sweet and savory baked treats made with Capay Valley Lavender’s baking mixes and herbs. We can’t wait to see the tantalizing results! (Wonder if they need volunteers to eat the “leftovers”…!) 

You can see more of Heather’s work at

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