Fun in the Sun at the Farm!

Fun in the Sun at the Farm!

We had the best time last weekend during our official opening! Each year, we add something special to our tours. In 2023, we added tastings of lavender shortbread. This year, we added a fun BINGO game for the family! 


I’m tickled to tell you about sisters Zoe and Zofia, whose family came to learn about lavender and farming and all things “country”. After grabbing a BINGO card from the Farm Store, they strolled the acres, filling in their game cards and learning about the birds, bees and bugs (all the pollinators) that help our plants produce gorgeous flowers and tasty fruit. Zofia took home the BINGO prize of a beautiful lavender sachet and sweet memories of a day at the Farm.


Because Mother Nature was so generous with rain this winter, our 1940s-era pistachio trees have really “branched” out, as they say. A friendly crew from Pacific Gas & Electric came by to advise us that Peter and Paul, as we call our trees, are due for a pruning to comply with fire reduction standards. So, next on our To Do list: trim the pistachios. Let the lunch-ing begin! 


And how our second-year French lavender enjoyed the mild winter! Planted in October, 2022, these little beauties are well on their way to blooming for us in late May. If you squint at the middle photo you can see green leaves shooting out.


Join us for “Purple Watch” again this year and make a plan to visit during June, when we expect our fields to be filled with a gorgeous, fragrant lavender bloom. We will stay open as long as the heat is reasonable!

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