Going with the "flow"

Going with the "flow"

“Go with the flow” is one secret to successful farming (and successful living). Start by paying attention to Nature’s gifts (soil, sunshine, water), use them to their best advantage, observe as plants grow, and then reap the harvest. We can happily live in this mellow “flow” for months on end. 

 Now, just as Mother Nature gives us gifts, Human Nature gives us tools, which we create to make things easier. But… sometimes they don’t work as designed. This week, our mellow moments were interrupted and we were forced back into the real work of farming – attending to and mending the very tool meant to ensure the flow of water to our precious plants. 

 Eek! A leak! As I’ve described before, most organic Farmers in the Valley use drip systems to irrigate their fields. They help us to be water-wise. But… when they break, we do not see the spurting, squirting spray of a broken sprinkler. A drip irrigation leak is detected only through observation of the plants in the field. Overflow of water to one area means uncontrolled growth of vegetation (yes, weeds). No flow to the planted areas downstream means plants are parched, maybe even dying.  

 The farm is closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday. How did we spend those days this week? Weeding, digging, refitting; putting things back in order for our guests. All in all, it was a muddy, dirt-filled, tiring day. 

 How fortunate we are to have the anti-microbial and soothing qualities of organic lavender creams and balms literally at our fingertips! Want to try it on your own work-weary hands? We recommend our Summertime Sampler, currently on sale. 

 Flow mended, we relaxed on the patio with a refreshing drink and enjoyed the breathtaking beauty all around us. You must visit sometime soon!

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