How do they get the rows so straight???

How do they get the rows so straight???

For years I have wondered how orchards get trees to line up so precisely — now I know!
It’s an amazing team of skilled tree planters! Once we prepared the soil in our olive orchard space, an entire team of professional planters came to the farm and – voila! – planted 2,550 olive trees in just about two days’ time. 
Here’s how they created the pattern for our trees: 

  • They used GPS coordinates (!) to determine the planting lines and laid a cord on the ground for each line. 

  • Then, they plotted the exact spot for each tree and marked it with a drinking straw (yes, a straw for your cold drink). 

  • After that, the guys I like to call the “drill team” used a metal contraption to drill a hole at each straw point. They placed the device and then hopped on to give it their full weight. I was reminded of the Pogo Stick, a fun, spring-loaded jumping toy for kids.  

In just two days, eleven acres of straws poked their heads up and awaited the planting crew.

The planting crew also made the process look easy. Each sapling was placed in its spot, staked to a bamboo support and protected from cold and hungry deer by a plastic tube.  

Now, when you come for a tour
at the Farm, you will be able to stroll through our brand new olive grove and enjoy a picnic under the shade trees nearby. The view across the hillside is splendid! 
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