I Was Country Before Country was Cool

I Was Country Before Country was Cool

Remember that old song? 

“I was country before country was cool” – I sing it sometimes as I walk from room to room in my all-white farmhouse (pictured in my mind long before Joanna Gaines made it a “thing”). In each room, I’m treated to the brilliant quilts made by my dear sister Carol, an extraordinarily talented fabric artist. These are just a few of her gorgeous pieces. 

Yes, I’ve been in love with patchwork quilts for a long time. As children, each of us Lewis Sisters was able to select a quilt made by our great grandmother. My chosen pattern was “Sun Bonnet Sue”, sister Carol chose "Lemoyne Star", and sister Jackie selected "Old Fashioned Girl". Carol has the remnants of these beloved (and well used) quilts.  

In fact, I originally named the farm Patchwork Farm because I envisioned a group of small farmers, all working together to grow a patchwork of specialty crops on the land. 

The origins of patchwork quilting itself reach back to the 1600s for “modern” quilts, and touch nearly every society. In America, Dutch and English settlers crafted colorful and useful bedcovers from any fabrics they could find. Native Americans added their special flair to the patterns, as did the African people and others who came later.

These days, I’ve been enjoying posts from Jennifer@TownandCountryLiving – especially “The Return of the Patchwork Quilt”. It’s so fun to know that I’m “on trend” in my sparkling white farmhouse with its beautiful quilts. They bring the colors of joy to our wonderful Capay Valley home every day. 

 I hope your day is filled with brilliant colors and people to share them with,


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