I was so relaxed -- I forgot I was a FarmHer

I was so relaxed -- I forgot I was a FarmHer

The Fall and Winter holidays always offer time for gathering and reflection. From Veteran’s Day through Thanksgiving this Fall, we honored special people in our lives and celebrated new friendships here and abroad. 
I still have a great big smile when I think of the fun we had during our Holiday Open House. Ten talented Capay Valley makers introduced their products on Saturday and we will try to find more opportunities to work together.
We were also honored by a visit from the grand- and great-grandchildren of the original owners of Cadenasso Ranch, John and Elizabeth McClary. We look forward to showcasing the family’s photos at the Farm soon.
We then traded nights under the Capay Valley stars for the holiday displays of Paris, the City of Lights. The Paris Christmas Market is a sparkling “mash up” of State Fair games and hot mulled wine. We strolled and shopped ‘til we dropped! 
Provence in Fall
Then, it was off to Provence for relaxation and research. Each day, we explored a new olive grove and found new friends among the growers. Was it relaxing? Yes. Refreshing? Yes! Educational? Oh, yes! We can’t wait to apply what we learned. Watch for pictures of our own new olive grove, from planting to producing (someday), and all steps along the way. 
Now for the reflection and “reset” part. I was, like you, I’m sure, determined to make 2021 a year of accomplishment. Life opened up a bit, and I wanted to take full advantage of it. We worked very hard at the Farm. Vacation offered me the opportunity for some much-needed downtime, and I am thankful for that. 
In honor of downtime for us all, I will NOT be sending weekly product updates for a while. Know that we value your friendship, and we are here when you seek ways to relax and refresh. Think of us when you light a lavender-scented candle. Then, take a deep, relaxing breath and enjoy the moment.
Happy Holidays from Capay Valley Lavender!  
FarmHer Sherri, Farm Engineer Richard and Puppy Capay
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