Making it personal

Making it personal

There are times when things align and I am touched deep in my soul. I had a moment like that when I read this email from a customer recently:  
Thank you all so much for the beautiful presentation! I was lucky enough to be there when my mom found her surprise delivery. :) The handwritten note was my absolute favorite part!!! It’s so easy to add a gift note to something but a handwritten note just shows the extra love and pride you put into your orders and I have no doubt, into your products as well!! My Mom is so excited!! I thank you for the extra thought and care you put in, it really does go a long way! Cheers, Katie
In the beginning, it was two special friendships that inspired the notes inside our packages. A dear friend made the original suggestion. (I look forward to celebrating our 50th high school reunion with her soon!) And it was the talented Debbie Wardrope's beautiful pastel of our fields and "Peter", our pistachio tree, that became the artwork on the card. 
I thank Katie for sharing her thoughts with me. I was deeply touched to receive a personal message that appreciated my care and pride in our products.
 In this year of sheltering in place, and at this time especially, I encourage all of us to take a moment to share kind thoughts and compliments. (Maybe even on a handwritten note!) 
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