Months Making Plans -- That Fell Apart!

Months Making Plans -- That Fell Apart!

There’s a wise-woman phrase that goes “If you want God to laugh…” It’s meant as a humorous reminder about life and making plans. For example, to my way of thinking, plans are very important when running a farm. At our farm, generally, we’re able to balance activities and schedules, so things run smoothly. But, this week, our plans were overthrown. 

Since our feral kitty Mama Marble delivered a litter in April, we have been nurturing the kitties and putting them to work on the farm’s rodents. (Marble is still feral.) We have waited not-so-patiently get on the calendar with a local veterinarian to neuter Marble and her kits. Our plan: We scheduled the surgery within the required time, borrowed our neighbors’ cat carriers for the big day, and staged our loading area in the garage. We even baited a trap carrier with sardines to attract Marble. 

Here comes the laughter part. When we captured Marble she surprised us with a new litter of kittens! They are too little to count and with this heat wave, we are leaving everyone to rest easy with lots of liquids.

The "teens" are back from their day at the vet.  We’ve found a home for two of our mousers with the new owners of the farm across the road. A sweet surprise to the end of that day -- one of the vet technicians asked if she could have our smallest kitten -- "Midnight". We are so happy that three cats have homes and we know that "Gray Tiger" will have a great time on our Farm.  

And the littlest ones? Well, we’ll have to make a plan, won’t we?

In the meantime, Top Dog Capay has some new friends to keep in line. And, when we’re quiet at the end of the day, we think we hear peals of laughter in the distance…

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