More than lavender!

More than lavender!

We are nearing the end of National Pollinator Week (June 22nd through 28th). At Capay Valley Lavender, we have enjoyed seasonal pollinator visits from bees to birds and butterflies for a while now. They make a major contribution to our crop, and, in the case of the bees, we are always thrilled to be able to share their honey with our friends. When you think about it, these small insects have a big impact on the balance of our planet overall. 

That's why we are so proud to announce that the Xerces Foundation (whose mission is to protect pollinators) has awarded us enough monarch butterfly habitat to cover 1200 linear feet of our property! Our span runs along an old creek bed, where we have begun to remove old barbed wire fencing and posts, and, recently-discovered, neglected irrigation debris that had been hiding under a pile of brush. 

Once the rain returns - we'll plant all the monarchs' favorites and invite them for a visit. Then, we'll joyfully sign the Pollinator Protection Pledge and take our place on the map of official Pollinator Habitats in northern California. Who knows? Capay Valley Lavender may just become one of the monarchs' favorite stops on their annual migration journey. Rolling hills, fields of lavender and green, and a kaleidoscope (yes, they're called a kaleidoscope!) of butterflies... Won't that be a beautiful sight?

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