Now that we have oodles of oil . . .

Now that we have oodles of oil . . .

With the harvest in our rear view mirror, we’ve begun looking ahead to bottling our freshly-distilled essential oils and blending them into our products.

First, a word about bottling: “Shelf life” or storage life is very important when it comes to organic oils. We use glass bottles because the oil needs protection from heat, light, oxygen and moisture. And we use green glass because it works to filter damaging light. (Besides, isn’t it pretty?)

On to production! The work begins in our brand new, extremely convenient, efficient production kitchen! It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to gather all ingredients in one area and blend them in this wonderful space. One of the best parts? Being able to store them in a temperature-controlled environment (‘cause you know it’s hot-hot-hot here in the Capay Valley). 

Another best part? Receiving sweet notes about our products from customers like Crystal! 

My mom recently gifted me some of your jam and also some
hand cream... I love it so much! The jam is SO delicious
and the hand cream is so luxurious.
Thank you for producing such wonderful products. 

Thank you, Crystal, for taking the time to write. We’re glad you’re enjoying the products.
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