O is for organic

O is for organic

The calendar says it is Fall, but we here in Capay have had temperatures of 90+ degrees for the past few days. I am learning that optimism, another “O” word, is a necessary characteristic for a farmHer.

This October, we spotlight the most important “O” in our farm life – organic, our organic certification, that is.

“Going” organic in 2017, when I first started the farm, was a simple decision. I wanted to protect my plants, my crew, my customers, and myself from harmful products. The simple part ended there. Since then, I have learned exactly what goes into achieving certification as an organic producer – the requirements are precise and numerous. 

In addition to not adding harmful pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers to your crops, we need to proactively enhance the soil whenever possible.  We found a way to use our plant waste (weeds, stalks and trimmings) to cover our new native trees and hedgerow plants that are part of our November project – 1400 “welcome” plants to attract the California Monarch butterflies to Capay Valley.  

Of course, our commitment to being organic extends to our products, as well. We use USDA Organic ingredients whenever possible, from neighboring organic producers. Our Lavender Spice Almonds are made with Capay Valley Orchard’s Organic Fritz almonds, and we use organic olive oil from the valley’s Grumpy Goats Farm in our Lavender Sugar Scrub.  

As you can probably tell, I am a proud organic FarmHer!

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