Peggy's Pieces are Beautiful

Peggy's Pieces are Beautiful

This week, we proudly shine the spotlight on the very craft-y team member Peggy Myers, the “sew pro” behind all cute and cozy hand-crafted fabric items available in our on-site Farm Store.

Peggy and I met close to 6 years ago, and I continue to appreciate her artistry and the joy with which she approaches her role. (Plus, she’s just a very nice person!)

Peggy’s creations – our flannel eye masks and neck wraps, hot pads and pot holders – bring a pretty homespun charm to items that provide soothing care to our customers.

She takes particular delight in visiting fabric stores wherever she travels and telling store staff that she sews for the Farm. They’re happy to share recommendations for unique fabrics and combinations. Of course, my favorites are the pieces that feature a lavender theme.

Be sure to look for Peggy’s Pieces on your next visit to the Farm.


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