Thank Goodness I am a FarmHer -- and NOT a RanchHer

Thank Goodness I am a FarmHer -- and NOT a RanchHer


This week’s message comes from the “Did You Know” files. First, did you know that we no longer call the ever-present green growth around our lovely lavender plants “weeds”? We now refer to it as “vegetation” – and we make plans to manage it. (Of course.) Do you recall that when I make plans, they sometimes go awry?

 One popular way that farms and municipalities have managed their landscapes is to bring in goats to chomp down the overgrowth. But, did you know that sheep are actually better for our farm because they "pass" on the taste of lavender? Hmm, I’m always open to new ideas…

 And so our tale begins! This past Monday, after some research and a call to my sheep-farmer neighbor, I was greeted by a pair of sheep, an electric fence, and loads of “can do” spirit.

 First lesson of the day (uh, oh)? Turn on the fence before releasing the sheep in the field! Imagine two wily sheep ramming the fence and bolting off up the hill, with me in hot pursuit. 

 Second lesson (phew): Did you know that sheep become, well, sheepish when it comes to goats? While I chased up the hill, my neighbor went home and returned with his goat and a lasso. Soon enough, the sheep ran to their goat leader, we turned on the electric fence, and all creatures with four legs enjoyed a fresh green lunch. 

 Later, when my neighbor came back to retrieve his electric fence and his animals, the clever little sheep bolted again, up the hill toward their happy home. I was relieved to notice their trusty goat leader showing them the way. 

Last lesson of the day? Sometimes the first solution is the best. That afternoon, as Sidekick Holly and I cross-mowed between rows of small “baby” lavender plants, we reflected that mowing is a most efficient way to manage vegetation. In truth, I had just that day measured the width between the small plants and recognized that our hand mower was the best tool for the job – and it will never bolt away off over the hills! 

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