These Artists Made an Impression

These Artists Made an Impression

Paul Kratter and thirty-four other artists from the California Art Club brought their talents to the Farm this week, and it was both amazing and informative! After a stroll through the fields, Paul led a demonstration, and the artists got to work on their canvases. The results are spectacular! 

“Plein air” painting - painting in the open air - was very popular during the 1800s, when the Impressionists captured their vision of open fields and meadows. Just like the group we hosted this week. But, I’ll bet early painters weren’t treated to lavender ice cream!

We were thrilled with the group’s feedback about our special Valley, our gorgeous fields, and our team’s hospitality. We completely enjoyed greeting them and seeing each person’s unique perspective on our beautiful lavender. 
If you’d like to spend time in the field and create art of your own, I invite you to email or text to arrange a day.
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